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Pacific Management Consulting Group and its founder and principal, John A. Gordon, provides niche analysis, research and advisory services relative to restaurants. Our clients are typically investors, shareholders, attorneys, management consulting firms, franchisees, franchisors and others who need detailed restaurant space perspective. We 100% focus on both publicly traded and privately held restaurants, including the quick service (QSR), fast casual, casual dining and fine dining sub-sectors.

Gordon has thirty years plus experience in chain restaurant operations (QSR Operator, now Hardee’s/CKE Restaurants; financial management roles (cost and financial analysis, with Ponderosa Inc., and later, Manager Financial Analysis, and Chief Financial Officer with a global hospitality operator.  He has consulted on staff with a global strategy management consulting firm (Booz Allen) and via Pacific Management Consulting Group since 2003.

He is a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF). He is often cited in the business press on restaurant business topics, including by ABC News, CBS Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Post, Nations Restaurant News, the Restaurant Finance Monitor, Restaurant Research Thermometer and many others.  He has participated or presented in panels at the 2014 Restaurant Finance Conference, the 2014 NACVA Restaurant Panel, 2013 National Restaurant Show, 2012 Women's Foodservice Forum, and others.

What we believe: providing independent, non-conflicted and certified analysis and expertise; we focus on the fundamentals not the fluff. We believe in providing deeply granular analysis that is useful to the need at hand. We have a non-consensus outlook in that we look beyond the obvious to determine the real situation, not what’s easily seen or expected. And we warrant confidentiality and no conflicts of interest, ever.

What we do: creative, detailed and effective research, analysis and special business intelligence. We serve as expert researchers, consultants and witnesses and specialize in complex litigation regarding restaurants.

We routinely work investor side due diligence, earnings and economics analysis, and serve as restaurant subject matter expert to those who need to know about the restaurant space. Via expert witness engagements, we provide the detailed research, discovery plan and analysis, deposition and trial support for litigation engagements. 

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